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Xact Link for ACT! and Accredo

The new Accredo addon for ACT! offers larger organisations a more comprehensive workflow solution for streamlining sales, marketing and accounting information.

The Xact Link for Accredo enables the front-office to back-office workflow that small to medium business owners have been asking for, using everyday business software they are familiar with – no need for expensive corporate solutions.

ACT! + the Accredo addon combines sales and marketing data about your prospects and customers with important account information – LIVE. No synchronisation, no delays. The result is a centralised database that offers a complete view of your contacts, activities, sales opportunities and overall business performance.

Such intuitive integration eliminates errors, delays, manual intervention and additional paperwork typically associated with multiple databases, allowing your staff to focus on what is important – building relationships and getting results.


For pricing enquiries email sales@xactsoftware.co.nz


Introducing the Xact Link for ACT! and Accredo
See the world's #1 contact manager - ACT!, integrating with Accredo.


All the benefits of the ACT! Contact Manager PLUS...

  • Live integration to Accredo.
  • Link ACT! Contacts to existing Accredo Customers or Contacts
  • Import multiple Accredo Customers and Contacts into ACT!
  • Create a new Accredo Customer or Contact from an ACT! record
  • Update Accredo Customer and Contact details from within ACT!
  • View Customer Account Summaries and Balances from within ACT!
  • View Accredo Invoices from within ACT!
  • Import Accredo Customer and Contact Memo’s into ACT!
  • Link ACT! Contacts to Accredo Creditors
  • View Creditor Account Summaries and Balances from within ACT!
  • See a list of Creditor Purchase Orders from within ACT!
  • View the Accredo Contacts List for the currently linked Customer/Creditor
  • Choose which columns are displayed when viewing Invoices/Purchase Orders

Product Roadmap:

Future development for the product is still under review and will be largely dependent on user feedback. However, features intended for the next release may include the ability to:

  • Create Accredo Quotes and Invoices from within ACT!
  • Print Accredo Sales Documents using custom templates

The Accredo integration with ACT! is continuously evolving to meet the specific needs of its users. We consider all feedback about how this product can be improved and will continue to add functionality incrementally throughout the life of the product.


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