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What is CRM?

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. All the information relating to a customer forms the basis of a customer relationship package including information in your accounting system, email correspondence and other documents.

Today CRM is the term generally used to reference CRM software, this however is merely the tip of the iceberg. At its heart, CRM is much more than a technology product; CRM is about process – it is about how a business deals with its customers.

A good CRM solution builds value by opening up vital communication channels and creating a common client-focused knowledgebase.

How can businesses benefit from CRM?

  • Provide a higher level of service. By knowing more about your customers’ needs your business is equipped with the knowledge required to respond to queries in a timely and professional manner.
  • Provide the right product to the right customer. By keeping track of your customer’s preferences you are given the advantage of knowing, or at least anticipating, what they want out of a given product or service.
  • Keep everyone in the business on the same page. Having information stored in one centralized place means your business can take ownership of your employee’s customer knowledge. This means your business will not suffer if an employee is out for the day or leaves the organisation.
  • Measure business performance accurately. If everyone in your business is doing their job correctly and they’re feeding the business’s CRM database with the correct information then managers and business analysts can tap into an invaluable resource to analyse and report on how the business is performing. For example, you can analyse the rate of lead-to-customer conversions, why some prospects opt for a competitor’s product, or how quick your staff responds to customer’s enquiries.

Overall by effectively integrating your marketing, sales, and customer service functions, a good CRM system makes it easier for everyone inside your company to work together and share critical information that all comes together to keep your customers satisfied and loyal.

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