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Smart Inbox - email freedom for Act!

Want to break that Outlook dependency? Smart Inbox brings email freedom to Act!

  • Open your email in Act! with any web browser and access any email attachments as well.
  • Selectively attach your inbound and outbound emails to Act! contacts from any email client, any device, anywhere.
  • Outlook responds better and so does Act!

Smart Inbox provides universal browser access to email, which means no need for the proprietary Outlook .Msg email formats and no need to have Outlook installed. Of course you can continue to use Outlook with Act!, but you are no longer bound to Outlook. You’ll find Outlook responds better and so does Act!

Are you using Gmail integrated to Act!? No problem, Smart Inbox can replace Act!'s limited Gmail integration - allowing email attachments to be available direct in Act! History.

Pricing & Downloads (free trial included)

United States

Plan USD
3 Month (per user) $10 (no tax)
12 Month (per user) $33 (no tax)
24 Month (per user) $59 (no tax)
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New Zealand, Australia & United Kingdom

3 Month (per user) $11 + GST $10 (no GST) £6 (no tax)
12 Month (per user) $36 + GST $33 (no GST) £20 (no tax)
24 Month (per user) $65 + GST $59 (no GST) £36 (no tax)
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Coming Soon!


Email freedom from Act!

  • Selectively attach any email to Act! from any email client on any device
  • No need to rely on Act!'s native Outlook or Gmail integration
  • Email messages are saved as HTML so can be viewed from any browser, independently from your email client
  • Emails with attachments are bundled into .zip files for easy viewing
  • Automatically create a contact if the email address doesn't already exist in Act! (the contact name will be set with "New Contact" and the email address will be copied to the email field)


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