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Smart Forms

How does your business capture leads from the web?

If you’re like most businesses you have probably contracted a web developer to build, modify and maintain your online forms, and have assigned one of your employees the task of manually re-entering the data into Act! each time a new entry is received. This is time consuming and open to error. 

There is a better way!

Smart Forms is an integration between the popular Wufoo Online Form Builder and Act! that enables you to easily import form results without the need to re-type data. By integrating with Wufoo we can deliver the power of a mature online form builder and focus on the important stuff: integrating with Act!

Learn more about Wufoo here and check out the Smart Forms feature list below.


What you need

To get started you will need:

  • A Wufoo subscription: Create your forms using the Wufoo online form builder; Wufoo offers a free account, and paid plans start from as little as US$14.95 per month (or US$129 / year). You can sign up to Wufoo via their website www.wufoo.com.
  • Act! v12.0 or later
  • Smart Forms connector: Smart Forms connects your Wufoo forms to Act! so you can easily import data without the need to manually enter it yourself. Read more about Smart Forms below...

Pricing & Downloads (free trial included)

Important Notes:

  • Pricing for this product is based on a per user basis and is a monthly or annual cost.
  • This pricing does not include your Wufoo subscription. More information about Wufoo can be found here.

United States

Plan USD
STANDARD PLAN Monthly (per user) $15/month (no tax)
Annually (per user)
*2 months savings!
$149/year (no tax)
PRO PLAN Monthly (per user) $20/month (no tax)
Annually (per user)
*2 months savings!
$199/year (no tax)
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New Zealand, Australia & United Kingdom

STANDARD PLAN Monthly (per user) $18/month + GST $15/month (no GST) £9/month (no tax)
Annually (per user)
*2 months savings!
$179/year + GST $149/year (no GST) £90/year (no tax)
PRO PLAN Monthly (per user) $24/month + GST $20/month (no GST) £12/month (no tax)
Annually (per user)
*2 months savings!
$239/year + GST $199/year (no GST) £119/year (no tax)
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Smart Forms: Creating a Wufoo Form
In this video we show you how to create a dynamic form using Wufoo - in the next video we will show you how to import form results to Act! using the Smart Forms integration.

Smart Forms: Importing Form Data to Act!
In this video we show you how to set up Smart Forms, configure your first form and import data into Act!


All the features included in your Wufoo plan plus:

Standard Plan: Pro Plan:
  • Unlimited imports/updates
  • Ability to create or update Act! records from form entries
  • Notifications in Act! when there are new entries
  • Ability to override field values with custom text
  • Record import/updates to history and attach form entry
  • Attach files from a form entry to Act! Documents tab
  • Map multiple Wufoo fields to a single Act! field
  • Create an Act! Opportunity from a Wufoo form entry
  • Add contacts from a Wufoo form to a group in Act!

All of the Standard features plus...

  • Ability to automatically import form data
  • Create an Act! activity from a Wufoo form entry

Product Roadmap:

Future development for the product is still under review and will be largely dependent on user feedback. Future features that may be added include the ability to:

  • Ability to map to custom tables
  • Ability to append form entries to Act! fields that already contain data
  • Attach Wufoo file uploads to Act! documents tab
  • Associate Wufoo file uploads with Act! Contacts or Opportunities


Connect to your Wufoo account Enter your Subly account details Choose General Settings Select a form to configure Configure Opportunity Settings  Decide how to Import Form Entries  View Import Results & Create a Lookup See the Status of your Forms on the Act! Toolbar View & Manage.png Configure Import Settings.png


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