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Northwoods Mail Merge

We understand that you want to send the E-mail today and you need it to be simple to do. Northwoods Mail Merge is a very powerful and robust emailing engine for ACT! 2008 through to ACT! 2013, both Pro and Premium.

For advice and a free 30 day trial contact: sales@xactsoftware.co.nz.

Pricing & Downloads (free trial included)

Product NZD per user
NorthWoods $235 + GST


Important Note: Pricing for this product is based on a per user basis and is a one-off cost.


We currently do not have any videos for this product


NorthWoods features

  • TurboSendTM - automatically compresses your pictures on the fly for rapid sending and good rendition in email - so you can use pictures from your new hi-resolution digital camera without worry or tedious manual pre-processing! Better, faster emailing with less hassle!
  • Simple, intuitive Menu FreeTM Interface
  • Built in HTML editor that creates HTML optimized for sending in email or send HTML created by Dreamweaver, FrontPage or other HTML editors
  • Use Outlook Express Stationery
  • Send Dual HTML / Text email or HTML only or Text only
  • Supports Embedded Pictures (sent with the HTML email) or web hosted pictures
  • Multiple SMTP Accounts with their own "My Record" data
  • Also supports Excel and .CSV
  • Automatic Duplicate Removal
  • Syntax check on email address
  • Bounce Backs handled and tracked automatically
  • Unsubscribes handled too
  • Very, Very Fast
  • PDF documentation & video tutorials


Act! Specific features

  • Merge Any ACT! Contact Fields
  • Merge Any ACT! Company Fields (ACT! 7 and later)
  • Merge against Current Contact, Current Lookup
  • Merge against a Group, a Company or a Field Lookup
  • Create a History of the Merge, optionally attach copy of merged message
  • Export Bounced & Unsubscribed email address back to a field setting in ACT!
  • Integrate menus and buttons in ACT! to launch a merge with a specific template



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