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Pricing (Per user)

NZD $109 + GST per year


Handheld Contact

For the most ACT! like experience on a mobile device. Handheld Contact is a wireless solution for ACT! delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). An ideal option for frequent mobile users as it can synchronise and update information as often as every 15 to 30 minutes. Great for equipment service companies to schedule appointments for their mobile work force direct from ACT! in the office.

Enabling two-way, wireless data sync integration between your wireless Blackberry, Pocket PC, iPhone or Treo Smartphone and ACT!, Handheld Contact is a service that you subscribe to on an annual basis. No outlay for software and free updates easily loaded onto your mobile device as new features become available.

Synchronising up to 76 ACT! fields, data is stored directly on your device so you are not dependent on continuous network coverage to access information. It improves information accuracy and flow as you can enter directly into your handheld and automated sync back to the main database you are assured that those in the office can view the updated information.

HandHeld Contact is a subscription service available through Xact Software for NZ$109 +GST. For more info contact sales@xactsoftware.co.nz

Current features list:

  • View Activities, Notes and Histories for a contact
  • Sync up to 76 fields including up to 50 custom fields
  • Add/edit contact records
  • Can record notes, histories, emails, calls and SMS
  • Custom field mapping
  • Calls and emails made from Handheld Contact automatically create a history item in ACT!
  • Day/List/Week/Month calendar views
  • Add/edit and clear activities
  • Supports priorities, alarms and locations
  • Supports all activity types, including custom activities
  • Schedule with multiple contacts and schedule activities for other users
  • Schedule follow-up activities
  • Can view other contacts' calendars
  • Search and sort by any synced ACT! field

Handheld Contact is great if you...

    Want a comprehensive mobile solution for ACT! and use ACT! 2011 or below

Supported Devices:


iphone / ipad


Windows Mobile Pocket PC


Handheld Contact Professional Edition for iPhone
Overview of the new Handheld Contact Professional Edition iPhone application

Handheld Contact Professional Edition for iPad
Let's take a quick look at using Handheld Contact Professional Edition for iPad.


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