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Custom Solution: Vehicle Management

This vehicle management system was designed for U-Sell Park & Sell Yard. U-Sell provides an environment for individuals to market and sell their cars in a car yard environment, and where potential purchasers can browse, view test drive and ultimately purchase the vehicle.

Having already had ACT! in place U-Sell wanted to customise it to better handle vehicle management. U-Sell staff wanted to view all of the vehicles and vehicle details for each customer from within that customers contact record. They also wanted to be able to search and create reports based on specific vehicle details.

Contact Record

Xact Software introduced the vehicles tab into the contact record area. From here users can Add, Edit, Delete, and Re-Allocate vehicles. In addition to this tab Xact also introduced a Vehicle details preview area to the contact detail view. When a user clicks on the “make current” button from within the vehicles tab, the vehicles details will be visible in the contact detail view. This is useful for contacts that have only one vehicle and when staff need to utilise other tabs in the contact view but need to reference the vehicle details.

Vehicle Details

The vehicle details area is where staff can view/edit specific details about a vehicle such as asking price, date in/out, make, model, number of owners etc. There are also sub tabs for users to store finance details, buyer details and activity details relating to that vehicle.

Vehicles Lookup

This area enables staff to perform advanced lookups and reports based on vehicle details. For example, they can advise sellers on what the asking prices are for similar car make/models, or report on the number of days it takes to sell a car.

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