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Custom Solution: Service Management

This solution was required for an organisation that supplies and services electrical appliances. Many of their customers are on service contracts and therefore need to store and mange contract details, machine details and service request details against an organisation. They also required the capability to search and manage their machines, perform advanced reports and print service requests using a custom template.

>> Read how this solution was extended and made accessible via a web portal using the XData API for ACT!

Contract Details

This area stores all information about the contract including contract type, term, rental costs and a contract checklist. It also shows a list of all the machines on the contract.

Machine Details

This area stores all the information about each individual machine including installation date, last service date and service history.

Service Request Details

This area is where staff are able to record service requests for each machine including request date, site contact, service details, work carried out and parts used. This can then be printed out to a custom template and sent to the customer.

Machines List

This area is where the company can manage all of its machines and lists information such as machine type, contract type, last service date, and customer name. Users can also filter to show machines based on serial number, last service date and city. The results can then be exported to excel.


The company had requirements for two main reports. One that showed a list of machines that needed to be installed and one that listed all of the upcoming sales appointments for their staff.

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