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Custom Solution: Advanced Dashboards

Here is a sample of some of the dashboards we have created for ourselves and for our customers. All of these dashboards can be made accessible in ACT! using the Xact Smart Dash addon for ACT!

>> Read more about Smart Dash Advanced Reporting

Accumulated Sales Dashboard

This dashboard was created for a customer who wanted to view accumulated sales by month for each year, displayed in an area chart, bar chart and a table. The report calculates the totals from all of the closed sales opportunities in ACT!

Accounting Dashboard

This dashboard was designed to connect to an MYOB database and pull information into ACT! in real-time. The reports shown here are: stock on hand, sales history by customer, sales history by item and total owing by customer.

Meetings Dashboard


Reports show a pie chart of today's meetings by type and a summary listing of todays activities.

Opportunities Dashboard

This dashboard shows are more in-depth breakdown compared to the default opportunities dashboard. The reports included in this dashboard are: number of won opportunities to date, open opportunities by weighted tota, open opportunities by stage and won opportunities by weighted total.

Contacts Dashboard

The contacts dashboard has reports showing pie charts of contacts by ID/Status and contacts by referral source and prospects by country.

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