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Act! Mobile Messenger

Act! Mobile Messenger is an immediate communication tool that allows you to instantly send or schedule a text message to any contact or group in Act! and record the details in the contact history. It is great for any application that requires instant communication as well as a record of the message being sent including message detail, date and time.


Act! Mobile Messenger is available in New Zealand from Xact Software at $114.00+GST and can be purchased through our e-store

Text Messages (SMS) are ideal for:

  • Getting messages out to your staff, customers or suppliers instantly 
  • Confirm attendance to events and increase audience numbers. 
  • Alerts for security or IT companies providing 24/7 service. 
  • Emergency alerts across regions on a grand scale.
  • Cycling reminders until someone takes action.
  • Notifications, Special Offers, Promotional Sales, Competitions.
  • Announcements, Warnings, Security Codes, Software License keys.
  • Many more...


  • Quick SMS (Quick Text Message) – Single SMS Text Message
    • Send SMS Text Message to Contact/Phone not already in Act!
    • Stores details (Date/Time/Message) in MyRecord History records
  • Contact SMS (Contact Text Message) – Single SMS Text Message
    • Send SMS Text Message to existing Contact/Phone in Act!!
    • Stores details (Date/Time/Message) in Contact History records
  • Group SMS (Group Text Message) – Broadcast SMS
    • Send SMS Text Message to Groups/SubGroups Contacts/Phones in Act!!
    • Stores details (Date/Time/Message) in individual Contact History records
    • Select Contacts you wish to include/exclude as message recipients
    • SMS Message support for 160 Characters
  • SMS Scheduling – SMS Event Management
    • Online/Offline SMS Job Scheduling
    • Date/Time SMS Job Scheduling using System Date/Time
  • SMS Job Management – SMS Management Console
    • Job Status Details (Automatic/Manual/Scheduled)
    • Job Retention/Re-Scheduling
    • Job Queue Listing all SMS Jobs Scheduled
    • Recipient Selection (Current Record/Lookup/Group)
    • Automatic Removal/Suppression (Contact/No Phone)
  • SMS Message Support & Logging
    • SMS Text Messages support up to 160 Characters
    • Records Date/Time/Event Type/Message Detail
  • SMS Message Reply Service & Opt-Out
    • Redirect SMS Replies to specific numbers or email addresses
    • Opt-Out (STOP) SMS preferences for those who do not wish to receive SMS
  • SMS Gateway Provider Support o Multiple Messaging Gateways (7 Currently)
    • Multiple Countries



For pricing enquiries email sales@xactsoftware.co.nz





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