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ACT! Features & Benefits

ACT! is a customer and contact database program that enables you to store all of the information about the people you do business with in a central location.

ACT! is made up of a series of modules and there are also many addon products that you can choose from to meet your unique business requirements.

  • Manage contacts: ACT! makes it easy to access everything you need to know about a contact including past interactions, planned activities, documents, opportunities, account information and much more. You can even integrate your ACT! software with Outlook or Gmail and record the conversation in ACT!. This comprehensive visibility of your contacts is then shared across the entire organisation so staff will always be prepared with the information they need to work more efficiently and provide better customer service.
  • Manage your day-to-day activities: With ACT! Activities it is easy to manage your daily schedule. Users can:
    • Define activity types
    • Attach details and documents
    • Prioritise activities and set reminders
    • Check availability of co-workers, and resources
    • And much, much more…
    Plus, because the database is shared you can also view your co-workers’ task list and schedule activities on their behalf.
    Such visibility and flexibility means that you can focus on getting the jobs done – ACT! becomes the personal assistant you don’t want to pay for!
  • Manage your sales pipeline from creation to close: Using the ACT! Opportunities module your business can create and manage opportunity details including total weighted value, related activities, documents and sales strategy – then see them progress through one of your customisable sales funnels.
  • Manage sales and marketing activities: The ACT! software offers a range of sales and marketing solutions; out-of-the box businesses can segment customers into groups via automatic membership then send targeted email messages with ACT!’s mail-merge, or add contacts to drip marketing campaigns using the smart tasks feature.
    For a more comprehensive solution organisations can use the Swiftpage addon - an advanced email service that offers email marketing, email tracking, surveys, call lists and drip marketing tools; with comprehensive results integrated to ACT! and visible against individual contact records. Using Swiftpage organisations can constantly evaluate the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.
  • Manage overall business performance: ACT! comes with a variety of reporting and analysis tools for tracking contacts, companies, opportunities and activities. Users can choose from over 50 pre-existing reports and over 10 dashboard modules, all of which are customisable to suit your specific requirements.


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