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Cloud Solutions for ACT!

ACT! in the cloud

In this day and age most of us work outside of the office, on our mobile devices and PDAs etc, being connected to the web is part of our day to day life. we expect that today's modern workforce require access to the tools needed to do their job no matter where they are.

At Xact software we recognize that this is a part of today working environment , we have developed the tools and technologies needed to assist in creating web enabled solutions for ACT. For instance we connect ACT! with the web based accounting software, Xero.

Xact Software brings you the convenience and choice of ACT! Online through ACT! Premium for Web. If you are looking to purchase ACT! Premium for Web or rent we offer two attractive options, ACT! Hosted Service or ACT! Software as a Service (SaaS)

ACT! Hosted Services:

If your preference is to own ACT! software but you don't want the overhead of hardware and maintenance, Xact Software can host your ACT! Premium for Web database for you. We also host ACT! Premium as a synchronisation solution for remote users who need to have important data for offline access where Internet connection is not available or coverage is minimal. Our secure data centre site provides for daily backup of your data.


ACT! Software as a Service:

For those who are looking for a complete rental option, our ACT! SaaS solution is ideal. For one monthly fee per user you do not need to invest in software licence or hardware. You have all the advantages of ACT! 24 hours a day, available from home or the office. A great solution for a mobile sales team or branch office operation.


Xact Web Connected Services:

A unique advantage for Xact Software Hosting and SaaS customers is our ability to offer online enhancments to ACT! that no other ACT! service provider offers. From ACT! live on your Android device through to multi-access, self-service web portals for ACT!. We can offer the precise customised enhancments you are looking for through our XData - the doorway to ACT! for advanced features, rivaling much more expensive CRM products at a fraction of the price.

>> Visit the XData website to learn more about how you can extend ACT! to fit your business


Whether you wish to connect your website to ACT or provide controlled access to your ACT database via the web to either your staff or 3rd party business partners we have the tools and the knowledge to make it happen. So talk to us if you are interested in connecting ACT to the web!

Contact us today to discuss how you can move to the cloud.

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