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ACT! Contact Management Software

What is Act!?

ACT! is a Customer and Contact Database program that enables businesses to record and report on all of the contact data, communication history, scheduled activities and sales opportunities relevant to your business.

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How will Act! benefit my business?

Using Act! you can build a valuable database of your customers and other contacts, save time managing contact information in multiple systems and improve customer service by giving you and your staff a bird’s eye view of any of your contacts at one time.

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What are my options?

There are many ways that Act! can be set up and accessed – the way that your business operates will depend on things such as your budget, the number of Act! users you want initially and in the future, your current IT hardware, and whether you require online/mobile access to your Act! database.

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How do I get Act!?

Request a quote: If you’re serious about getting contact management in your business fill in our online form to request a quote. By filling in this form we can get a better idea of how your business operates and can work with you to find the best way to implement Act!

Direct via our online store: You can purchase the Act! software directly from our online store – if you require installation, setup or training assistance from Xact you will need to contact us directly.*


What services do you offer?

CRM is not just about selling and installing software that's why we provide a range of services which aim to help you with setting up the right set of processes and to train you and your staff to utilise best CRM practices.

>> See what services Xact Software offers to businesses wanting to get Act!


*Important note: If you choose to install Act! without the involvement of Xact Software you agree to take responsibility should any issues occur, and Xact Software reserves the right to deny services for people wanting support without having engaged us in the first instance. Act! comes with 30 days free installation support, which is provided by Act! CRM – the distributors of Act! for Australia and New Zealand. For more information on the warranty policy refer to www.actcrm.com.au/warranty.

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