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Our Philosophy

Business is about people working with people.

We believe that communication and the will to cooperate benefits everyone in the long run. However you will find us very particular about how we do things and we would like our customers to be aware and acknowledge that we do things in a certain way.

Its not about Software:
Business is about people communicating with each other, it';s about process and its about results, software does not do that by itself. You cannot just install CRM software and expect instant CRM. As much as people would like it to be it isn't an ‘add water and stir’ procedure.

To implement CRM successfully in your business you need to engage the experience of those who can assist you in analysing , optimising and improving your business. Software is just the tool, your people and our people, together, need to work for the common cause of your business process improvement.

We are here to help you
When we choose to work with a customer we do so with intention of helping the customer make their working life easier, we are not here just to sell you a product or a service then move on to the next customer.

We see this as both you and us investing the time and resources to get a valuable return whether this time is spent on training, consultation or project development the end result is a solution which adds value for you and your staff.

If a software product is not good for us then its not good for you
At Xact Software we use or have used every product that we sell, this includes products which we develop and products which we distribute. Many of our software developments we've built to help us do business better. We have already experienced the pain you feel of ill-conceived solutions and we know you want to work smarter and not harder - we will only sell you products we believe in!

There is no one size fits all solution
From our experience we know that no two businesses are exactly the same not even two business working within the same industry, everyone is unique in how they do things.

Even within the same organisation the same applies. Customer-facing sales staff want to interact with their customers, they need to see the detail of the last communication whereas management needs to report across the business, getting business metrics to see how the company is tracking in reaching sales goals.

We learn as much as we can about you and your business and to do so we rely on you and your knowledge to educate us on how you do business so that we can help you in the best way we can. We call it discovery, and it is the vital process from which we produce the most appropriate solution to fit the way you do business. However we are not about automating bad process, so please expect a little debate along the way.

The world is not perfect
With technology things can and will go wrong, this is our experience. Denying that is wishful thinking - expect some problems and challenges but also expect us to do our very best to overcome them. Sometimes the cause of a problem can be simple and it can be fixed quickly, sometimes it isn't and could take hours or even days to find a solution. Or perhaps there is an incompatibility of technology which was not obvious from the outset. Yes, CRM software is designed within particular specifications and system requirements, but such is the complexity of modern computer environments sometimes 'stuff happens'. So we need to work closely with your IT support person in introducing CRM. If systems are not up to requirements we will tell you and yes you may have to spend money on getting them up to standard. We need to build CRM on a solid foundation, so we may ask you fix some stuff first if not up to standard.

This is No Magic Wand
Rome was not built in a day and it certainly was not at the wave of a wand. Likewise, building or customising a CRM solution for your business takes time and effort. it requires the combined knowledge of our staff and yours.

We do not expect to talk to you, go away then come back with a working product , we expect you to acknowledge that an investment must be made by us and you and through that investment a working solution can be achieved. Without your commitment to a project we do not expect the end result to meet the standards that we set for ourselves.

Quality is more important than speed
We do not believe in immovable deadlines, we know that many things can happen which can cause a project to slip, deadlines are there as a target, nothing more. We keep you informed as to how we are going but we don't work at our best under pressure - it's too important to be constrained by unreasonable deadlines.

Everyone is responsible
In any project (and especially in CRM projects) it is very important to involve everyone, we expect that you and your staff will put the required time aside to work with us in order to build a high quality solution which meets your expectations.

We expect that you will be communicating with us clearly and often. We also expect to hear feedback from you and your staff during project development and after deployment.

We also expect that any other 3rd parties involved (e.g. your IT Support people ) are willing to cooperate and work with us. When we issue a proposal along with pricing and specifications we send you our Project Responsibilities and Requirements document. This is the most important document to understand, without agreement with the basic procedures and responsibilities project failure is at risk.

Our time is valuable
When you engage Xact software to work on a project you are engaging our time and experience, this experience was not accumulated overnight , it is the result of working in the CRM and IT industry for many years.

It is this experience that enable us to deliver a high quality solution for you and the time spent applying this experience while working on a project is what we charge for. You can assist by focusing on the task at hand. In the kindest way, please pay attention.

Ultimately we carry the responsibility for the outcome so either we do the job or we do nothing at all
CRM is our expertise, we have been working in this field for a very long time, we know what works and we know what doesn't. If something is not working with CRM then we are likely the best ones to troubleshoot it and fix it. We expect to be 100% involved in doing all the CRM related work, whether its install , troubleshooting or customisation, in doing so we can take responsibility for our work. If you choose to engage someone else to do work in our area then we may simply choose to not do anything at all to assist, as we cannot take the responsibility for work we don't undertake.

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